Tuesday, September 20, 2011


laundry...lists upon lists for hubby...more laundry...trying clothes on to see what I want to pack...getting frustrated because I don't like my clothes...more laundry...oh, gotta make sure hubby knows how to get to horseback riding on Friday...make sure all homeschooling lessons are in order...laundry...wash, dry on line, fold, and put away cloth diapers...buy disposable for hubby...go shopping and buy nothing because baby is crying the whole time...groceries for hubby & kids...homeschool...do more laundry...consider blogging about your busy-ness...

Okay...so you get the point...

Can't wait to see so many great writers at ACFW! Several of whom I consider some of my closest & dearest friends (you know who you are AP & RM)...and happen to be rooming with! Yay for writing groups that span miles and stick with you even when you move far, far away!

So looking forward to learning more about the craft of writing...meeting new peeps...eating with adults who typically don't need to be reminded to not eat with their mouths from the table top...not needing to have the handicap bathroom because I am rarely in public without 2 "younguns"with a stroller or cart...having food prepared for me...buying books...giving books away or selling a few (yay for Seasons)...seeing writing friends from my critique group that I miss so much since my move...getting all gussied up for the awards night...did I mention going to the bathroom by myself!?

EXCITED! Jumping out of my skin excited!


PS: What am I reading? I'm reading Dekker's Circle trilogy (even though there are 4 books)...but the book is so honkin' huge I'm leaving it behind and working on critiques while I travel...and I have my kindle for iPad so I can read something random on there too...but I have A LOT of critiquing to do. Or I could...duh...WRITE!


Melanie said...

YAY!!! I hope you have a wonderful time! A couple of my blog design clients are also going (Joy Malik and Wendy Paine Miller). Maybe you'll meet up there :) Wishing you much success!


Anonymous said...

Hi, hope you have a great time! Finally bought your book at Amazon. Still need to come to see u and have you sign it. :) QV