"The best Amish book I have ever read!" Susan Karsten

"And kudos to Elizabeth, for making a self-published novel feel absolutely anything but! The editing was precise and exact and exactly what it needed to be. Elizabeth, while yet unpublished in traditional fiction form, is apparently well on her way to changing that!" Betsy St. Amant

"I enjoy books where you can enter into the plot and feel what the characters are feelings. Seasons lived up to that expectation. From the joy of a new pair of warm gloves, and an extra piece of buttered bread, to the devastation of accidents and tragedies, I was gripped by the emotion woven into this story." Wendi McCallum

"Elizabeth Byler Younts has a way of pulling you into the story and before you realize it, you are in Delaware during the depression living among the Amish. The story is one of heartbreak, sorrow and ultimately Happiness. You will find yourself tearing up and wishing there was something you could do to help the little girl who carries so many burdens on her young shoulders." Spiff

"This memoir reads like an intimate journal. It is almost like reading a private diary. The reader gets into Liddy's thoughts and feelings, hopes and dreams. It is a great insight into what life was like for this Amish girl in the 1930's and 40's. There were several moments where I was shocked, scared, and saddened, but I also laughed and giggled at some of her episodes. I howled at her escape from the three bulls. I bawled when she said goodbye to her family after her wedding, and I blushed along with her when she "dates." The book is a treasure." Raquel Martina Martinez

"This story is exceptionally well written! My husband read it and gives it a 5 star rating too. The main character "Liddy" inspires you and pulls on your heartstrings with her love for family, her strength and tenacity for life in the face of adversity." Katie Troyer

"This book had me at hello! What a wonderful true story. The language and illustrations are so beautiful that you can not help but feel every page." Miranda Gravett

Seasons: A Real Story of an Amish Girl

   As the oldest child in an impoverished Amish family, Lydia Lee knows little more of life beyond hard work, sacrifice and extreme hunger. Yet, even as a young girl she strives to be content with all that God has provided for her.
     Against the backdrop of the Great Depression, Lydia’s childhood unfolds as her family survives, finding strength from their Amish faith. But, when tragedy strikes, that very faith is tested beyond what any child should have to endure. When all hope seems to be lost, Lydia is reminded that all things have seasons. The spring of her life has been spent planting prayers in the soil of sadness and heartache. Will she see a summer of true love? Will there be a harvest of happiness?