Wednesday, October 5, 2011

ACFW Conference Yee-haw

Soooo, I'm finally updating my blog about the ACFW conference. It was my first time attending but it won't be my last. There were so many highlights, here are a few...

--Spending time with my amazing critique group! I just moved states away (military life) a few months ago and miss them all so much. It was truly a highlight to see them again, critique each others pages and just chat the night away!

--Getting the opportunity to meet several literary agents I highly respect. Chip MacGregor, Karen Solem, and Natasha Kern. There were so many other great Literary Agents there but this were the ones I was able to chat with for at least a few minutes.

--Attending a Thomas Nelson session with Allen Arnold was awesome. What a dynamic personality and great info on the Thomas Nelson market.

--Jeff Gerke's Continuing Ed class PLOT VS CHARACTER. Nothing more needs to be said on this point except you should buy his craft books.

--The Gala with all the awards was a fun night. In attendance was a gladiator, a trekky, a soldier of some sort, and an agent wearing a kilt.

There was more great highlights but I'll keep it to those. If you attended what was your top highlight? If you didn't but you're thinking about getting involved in the world of writing this is a great conference to consider attending. It'll be in Dallas next year.

I also totally had a "moment" when someone recognized my name (we were wearing name tags) from reading my book Seasons. Yippee!

A few less notable highlights are going "potty" without an mini crowd of 2 little girls in 1 small stall, having painted nails, not having to cook food for 4 days, and having a housekeeper. Sigh......

BUT truly I missed my family so much. I was so happy to see them at the airport...such a good feeling to come home to my sweet family.


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