Saturday, July 30, 2011

See Elizabeth faint!

When I opened this box of books I felt complete excitement and then in the very next moment a strong sensation came over me. Was I going to cry? Get sick? was just the feeling of unadulterated terror. Seriously.

I hesitated even picking one up. I barely flipped through it even. I was sure if I started reading at any point in the book I'd suddenly see

See Liddy run. She can run fast.

My brain jarred back into grammar school and all I could see were those yellowed pages (even when they were new) with cute cartoony illustrations on every page. Surely nothing I wrote could turn out better than an old look-see reader, right? For several long minutes that's exactly how I felt. The feeling did pass but I still haven't dared reading anything more than the dedication or the first line of the acknowledgements. I just am so afraid I'm going to see some glaring error or embarrassing typo.

I've read traditionally published books from authors widely read and loved by all and found errors. Little typos mostly. I don't think any less of the writer or even the editor, for that matter. Fingers & toes crossed for happy & gracious readers for Seasons!

For the past hour I've been wrapping up a few books to send to my first set of influencers. What a feeling. I can't really explain it. But what I can explain is how THRILLED I am to be at this point and not a year ago where I was still writing...still pregnant in my 3rd trimester...still naive at how much work self-pubbing would be. I'm just overjoyed that, while marketing is no easy job, I'm here! I feel very accomplished for having followed-through with this book and for the way it's turned out. I love the cover. I love the story. I believe in the story. I hope a lot of readers will too!  All praise to God's faithfulness. Truly. The dedicated and encouraging help of my mom, husband, a smattering of friends, and my AMAZING weekly writing group. {okay, I digress, this is starting to sound like an Emmy award speech...hahaha}

I hope those of you who are reading this blog will buy the book on Amazon, read & enjoy it, tell your friends, and write a review for me on Amazon and/or your blog.

I'll leave you with this:



BrandyB said...

Can't wait to read it and brag about it! :)

Kym McNabney said...

Great video. Makes me want to run out and purchase the book.

JoAnn Durgin said...

Congratulations, Elizabeth, but please don't be afraid! You learn to live with the "little" things. My debut book is 111,000 words long, and just the other day, I noticed I used one small three-letter word instead of the "right" word. Oh, bother. But the reader's "mind's eye" sees what it's programmed to see and will probably gloss over it. Hold that book - it's another newborn, in its own unique way - smooth your hand over the cover, flip those pages, even smell the pages and hug it to you. You'll read through it when you're ready. As you said, you're proud of it and believe in it, and the Lord has blessed. Rejoicing with you! Blessings from fellow ACFW member and debut author of Awakening: A Christian Romance Novel.

Becky said...

Congrats! I am so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

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