Monday, August 8, 2011


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I am amazed that I am finally to this point. It seems like YEARS (it has been years) since I started the journey on this road...this SEASON of life that brought me to writing non-fiction...CREATIVELY. Lots of phone conversations with my grandma and visits that were consumed with interviewing and reading out loud what I'd already written. I wanted the stories to be accurate.

And now we're here.

Praise. The. LORD!

If someone had told me all the steps I'd have to go through self-publishing I think I would've just imploded! Once the manuscript is done the "fun" begins. I cannot believe all the details, the typesetting, the crying whining complaining because typesetting is really hard work, beta readers, kindle version, nook version, more typesetting, almost forgetting something important in the acknowledgements, the photography for the cover, then selecting a few good ones, trying several types of covers, working with my amazing friend who designed my cover...then having my sweet Amish grandma AGREE to having her photo taken for the back cover. Seriously, I cannot express how overjoyed I was at that.
This is my grandma (mammie) Lydia Lee Coblentz. LOVE HER!
Never in a million years did I think that I'd have her as part of the back cover art of the book. And I just love the photo (I took it myself, hehehe). She's such a dear woman.

As a young girl always telling the family, "yep, I'm going to write mammie's story someday," I am not sure I actually believed it would happen. But my large family, like a elephant, has a great memory and not a family gathering went by without someone bringing it up...or so it seemed. And now it's a delivery of a baby...only less messy...but there was a lot of pushing involved. {sigh}

I really pray that my grandma's story is read and re-read...that her life will show the power & faithfulness of our Creator. That the contentment that she learned during the worst of times when she and her family had nothing will help us all be content when we are sitting pretty in our comfy chairs with our fridges and pantry's full of food and our selection of shoes so our feet don't get too hot or too cold.

Being able to hand my grandma this that's priceless.


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Wendy@Once upon a rose haven said...

WOW! Can't wait to read your precious book. We spent many of our vacations in Amish Country, Pennsylvania, it's so beautiful...

Elizabeth said...

Beautifully written. I so enjoyed this book. Your descriptions of hunger were bittersweet and I loved the positive spin that faith brings to all the hardship. Thanks so much for putting your lovely grandmothers life into words