Wednesday, July 20, 2011


It is so painful when you take a break from blogging and then have to return. It's not that I don't enjoy blogging but in the midst of my busy-ness it was a bit of a relief when I just turned on the "off" button in my head with my blog.

I'm a military wife...a JAG officer's wife, more specifically. We've had 3 official PCS (permanent change of station) moves since we married 7 years ago...and 2 other moves. So 5 moves in 7 years...seriously, now that is painful. Several furniture pieces I have noticed during this 5th move are also showing signs of pain...some have the weeble-wobbles, dings, the ever present "lean"...and then there are some trusty pieces that I just wish would break or fall off the truck so I had a good reason to get rid of it. All in all...this move was flawless. Praise the LORD!

Sure, we get our move paid for...we have packers, and movers...and reimbursement on damaged goods. But moving is NOT easy. It's difficult on every member of the family and often the burden to get the family back to routine and the house feeling like HOME lands on MAMA. ;-) ME!!!! A privilege and responsibility I take very seriously. It just so happens that when we moved on July 2, I was also in the middle of planning for my first book release in mid-August. Approving the "proof" copy, still working on marketing and blog interviews, planning the book launch states away, ordering business & marketing cards. {taking a deep breath}

Let me also mention that I was EATEN by fire ants on the day our household goods arrived, landing bites in the double digits, my husband was asked to start work the day after our household good arrived (he ended up being able to "get out of it" and help me unpack, THANKFULLY), my 4 y/o daughter cried buckets because the Pevensie children from the Chronicles of Narnia can't sleep-over, and my 10 month old is getting 4 teeth in as I type! may laugh...I have! I laugh & pray & laugh some more & pray A LOT more! I might've cried a little too... {sigh}

Can I just say that God is faithful. I've felt overwhelmed from time to time over the past few weeks...but for the most part I realize that EVERYTHING happens in His time. Whether I get a handle on marketing this book very well or's all Divine. It's all in His plan.

Wow...doesn't that just take some pressure off.


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