Monday, November 5, 2012

5 great memories from 2012...

So, today I wanted to highlight 5 great memories from this year. This isn't in any real order nor is it the only 5 great things that happened this year... ;-)

5-For the majority of The Major's deployment we got to live with my parents. It was a fantastic way to make a difficult 6 months a great time to reconnect with family and my hometown. I loved having my 2 sweet girls get to be around their grandparents for so long and watch their relationships just bloom!

Here are my 2 little firecrackers and my
parents. We so enjoyed all the time.
Going to church with them was
an extra treat.
4-While staying with my parents I was able to celebrate my mom's birthday with her. This is so rare because we live so far away. This year my dad, siblings, & I decided to have her Amish dress remade. How cool is that! Her original dress was destroyed over 20 years ago (it's a long story) and she has been so sad ever since. This was a priceless moment!

She was so surprised and was amazed with how close the
likeness was.
3-On a warm day in June my daughter pointed to the sky when she saw this cloud passing by. This is not a game of "what does that cloud look like" but really...this cloud IS A HEART! I was so reminded on that day of how much God loves me and how even His world boasts of his love and majesty. I love these moments with children...such teachable times in showing how God is with us...

Over the mountains and the seas,
Your river runs with love for me.
2-I LOVED doing this photo shoot for my Love. While The Major was deployed I was writing a WW2 novel and I was all about the 40s. The girls and I did this shoot at a local train station inspired by WW2 home comings. How I longed for the homecoming at this point...but we were still over 2 months away from it. He loved the photos and I am amazed at how authentic my photographer made them appear. My oldest thought this was so much youngest...well, she hated it...

Dreaming of seeing my guy.
1-What an amazing moment...reuniting with my Love!!!! And watching our girls reunite with him was breathtaking. I can't imagine being away from them for so long and my heart breaks for The Major in how much he missed...but God has been so faithful. We 4 are sooooo very thankful to be together!

There have been so many wonderful memories this year...these are just a few... oldest has learned to read! And in a few short months is reading at an unbelievable pace for just learning and for just being 5. She just amazes me every day. youngest is just so funny. She really keeps me on my toes...she has gotten white out all over her mouth, gotten stuck in a doll stroller, learned to somersault on her own, can climb ANYTHING, and against my efforts had a mouth full of molding clay. Sigh...this was all before she turned 2...I think I have more gray hair. husband ran another 1/2 marathon and got 1st place in his age group! He got 100 on his PT test and today is having his picture taken an article written about it. Love him!

...after finishing a novel this year I was offered to sign with literary agent Natasha Kern. The answer was a resounding YES! I cannot tell you how amazed I am with her expertise! I feel overwhelmed and so thankful.

WHAT A YEAR!!! There are so many of those sweet, cute memories that happen daily that I don't have pictures of but are hidden so dearly in my heart. I'm so thankful for the life God has given to me.


YOUR TURN: Tell me what have been some of your memories from 2012. I'd love to hear!


Mocha with Linda said...

OH! I loved the pics and reading your sweet memories! Such fun.

One of my special memories of this year is becoming friends with you. What a precious blessing from God! Love you!

Raquel Martina Martinez said...

You are amazing. You experienced so much this year and instead of using them as excuses, you used them to boost yourself along the way. I am certain this is why you are being blessed now. Imagine all the wonderful things you will write about next year.

Lily Rose said...

I love this post and look forward to reading more posts. Happy holidays! Love, Lily

Jennifer Lambert said...

great memories! My husband is also a major in the USAF. He was deployed 2 years ago. Love the welcome home photos. We did ours at the airport and they're less than stellar. I made him a photo book of all the memories he missed while he was gone.

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