Monday, October 1, 2012

5 things...about Homeschooling that I Learned in Public School

I was a public school kid...but now I'm a Homeschooling Mom! Quite honestly, it wasn't until my first daughter was born that I even considered that we might homeschool. It just wasn't something I really had thought of much, even though my husband was homeschooled.

While we feel that God has called us to Homeschool it is not because I think that Public School is all-bad! Here are 5 things from my own public school experience that I'm implementing (or planning to) in our homeschool system...

My K5 Girlie
5-We say the Pledge of Allegiance before each school day. I don't really know if the average public school does this nowadays...but we always did and I want my daughters to be patriotic and loyal to America.

4-We have a break time, similar to recess. I try to give a 10-15 break after our reading lesson where my daughter can run around, get a snack, and use the bathroom. Breaks and activity are so important to the brain!

3-I strive to keep the school part of our day well-structured. Homeschool does provide some amazing flexibility when doc appointments, etc. But, generally speaking, we start at the same time every day with a church bell chime on my iPhone. We are dressed for the day and pencils are sharpened. We start with the Pledge, a Bible lesson, and prayer before moving into school lessons. There are days it doesn't happen like that...but as a standard, we try to keep to this schedule. My kindergartner thrives in this environment. I work the rest of my day around school...instead of fit school into the cracks of the day. This is just what works for me...but in no way is how I feel EVERYONE should do it.

Keeping my 2 y/o busy
2-Field Trips and Field Day. This is our first "real" year of homeschooling so we are working on these things. I have a great group of HS moms with young kids that I've just met here locally and I am so excited to have our kids enjoy this part of school together. I LOVED Field Day & Field Trips when I was in my little public school and hope my daughters will enjoy them just as well.

1-Sick Days! Homeschoolers get sick occasionally just like any other kid. So, if she were going to public school I would keep her home if she was sick...the same benefit applies to homeschooling...except I don't have to get a doc's note for the teacher. {grin}

Again, this is just what works for us. My personality leans toward the more structured and predictable schedule so this works for OUR household. the girls get older I know I'll implement even more things I learned in public school in our homeschool life.

I'm no expert...and I am just 1 mom...but this is just a little glimpse into my thoughts on homeschooling.

Your turn...what are some things about your childhood schooling experiences that you try to implement with your children? 


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