Monday, September 17, 2012

5 things...about ACFW writing conference

Allison, myself, & Raquel...amazing writing pals!
ACFW Conf 2011 Roomies! 
I'm headed to the ACFW writing conference this week! Here are 5 things that I'm really looking forward to.

5-It's in Dallas! That means it shouldn't be very cold yet. I'm a northern girl in my heart but I've been living in warm climates for a long time...I just hope the AC ain't cranked up too high in the conference rooms!

4-Meeting authors I read! It's so fun to meet other writers in general...but especially when you've read their books and they are your FB friends...which practically makes you blood relations.

3-Having the opportunity to pitch your work! Wow. This is a huge opportunity...though it can be daunting and even scary. I pray that I represent my writing and new book for what it is. I know that God provides divine appointments that are invaluable. I want to rest in His plan no matter what.

2-Classes, lectures, and workshops. I am just a geek. I love to learn. I love to get my brain dirty with something new that I can't figure out right away and have to discuss and re-discuss it. I can't wait for my mind to just sponge in everything I need and hopefully incorporate it in my writing going forward.

1-MY WRITING PALS!!!! The best thing about conference in my heart of hearts is getting to see some of my dearest friends! Because I'm a military wife I move around a lot and there are several writers who have been with me for several years of my more serious writing journey that I get to see at this conference. I haven't seen them for a whole year and my heart is ready to be in their presence and just enjoy them!

If you're a writer, are you heading to the ACFW conference? What are you looking forward to? If you're not a writer, do you have an event that you save your pennies for annually? Tell me all about it! I'd love to learn more about YOU!


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Raquel Martina Martinez said...

In my other life, I got to travel and go to conferences every year. I miss that but get to do a little bit through the ACFW annual conference. I love to learn and mix with people who love the same things I do, but the very best part, is rooming with my two favorite Christian authors - you and Allison Pittman