Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's my Birthday & I'm on the Radio!

Happy Birthday to me!

I'm 34 today & excited to be alive! I'm thankful for the year God has given me and looking forward to His blessings in this coming year.

The blessings are starting quickly because TODAY I will be on LIVING INSPIRED with Tricia Goyer on Toginet Radio.

I'm thrilled to be a guest on Tricia's show and completely humbled. I have been listening to hear radio show for a while and downloading past shows from iTunes...makes housework not seem so draining.

Here's more about Tricia (from her website):

Using her own experiences as a teen mother, and leader of today’s generation, Tricia’s vision is to be a voice of hope and possibility for teenage girls, pregnant teen girls, mothers and wives through her educational and inspirational speaking, workshops and books. Her intention is to serve ordinary women by encouraging extraordinary things with God’s help. Tricia expresses real life, real hope, for real women.

**And, truly, that is just the tip of the ice burg. She is an amazing woman! I hope to have more opportunities in the future to learn from her and to be INSPIRED by her. And for all of you Amish Fiction readers out there...she has her own series of Amish books that are WONDERFUL!

Here's the link to the show: ...come & listen 4:00 Easter Time!!! Hope you tune in!


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