Monday, November 14, 2011

Interview: Pursuing your talents

I had the privilege of being on a podcast interview with Keri Mae Lamar about pursuing your passion while in the busy, busy (busy) season of motherhood.

Here's a little about Keri Mae from her blog: A Happy Home.

I am a Christian, the wife of one incredible husband and a mother of six beautiful children. We are blessed and challenged with one child with Down Syndrome. I was saved as an adult and am, simply, an extremely grateful daughter of the King of Kings, and a Bible believer who loves the Lord and the life He gives. Our family homesteads and homeschools on five acres in the woods. The best days are when we are all together. We keep ducks, hens, rabbits, and dairy goats. I did a little beekeeping, which I loved. I like to write, quilt, garden, use herbs, and soak in the relatively short time I have with my babies.

My hope is to exhort Christian mothers to stay close to Jesus Christ, and to encourage them in their endeavors to glorify God with their everyday lives. It really matters!

Doesn't she just sound awesome! Because...SHE IS!!! And she and her husband are expecting baby #7! I admire her and feel humbled to be a part of her podcast for 2 episodes! I have listened to all of her podcasts & enjoy her tips and helpful hints so much. I know I'm a better mom an person because of it. 

While my interviewing skills need some work, phone interviewing is so not easy...but I hope, really hope, you are blessed by the podcast & enjoy the little tips.

Without further's the podcast. 

And the first interview on my book SEASONS.

I hope you take the time to listen...maybe while you are driving or cooking or cleaning? Come back and tell me what you think!


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