Thursday, November 3, 2011

"Elyon is beyond my mind" ...from WHITE by Ted Dekker

So, this post is going to be a little different. I wanted to share a short portion from a book I just finished.

WHITE by Ted's from his CIRCLE TRILOGY. White is the 3rd installment and I'm about to start Green which is the 4th. It's part of a HUGE series that I think originally spanned 10 books...but I think that was before he wrote Green and his new Book of Mortals series. Just go to Ted Dekker's site and figure it out. ;-) I'm still a little confused as to the puzzle piece that is this "circle" but I'm not confused about the stories that I've read and the message inside them. It's sooooo worth it.

There is a lot of symbolism in the books and here is a portion that I seriously loved so much as it helped me see my relationship with Jesus more clearly. The Great Romance that Dekker reveals in his books in such a beautiful way is truly the relationship that I know we have with Christ, as His Bride...when seeing it revealed so intensely through his characters, it just brought me back to so much awe for our real Savior.

(When you read Jesus)

"...I would have guessed that after Justin's death you would understand him better. Elyon's anger is directed toward anything that hinders his love. ... Anything that hinders his bride's love, he detests."

"...Elyon is beyond my mind. But his love is boundless. ... Even when you stumble as William does now, Justin vows to forget and remembers only William's love, however imperfect it might be. ... Elyon is thrilled with his bride and desperate to woo others into his Circle."

"This is the Great Romance." {insert goose bumps here}

(these portions come from the Circle Trilogy book, page 1012)

I know, this is technically fiction...but the picture of us as the Bride of Christ when you really read the entire passage is so beautiful. It's captivating. It reminds me that the precious Bible is His love letter to us, His Great Romance for US! Even as imperfect and ridiculous and wavering that we are.

I'm so blessed to be in His circle. A circle that will always protect me and surround me with His everlasting love.


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Emily said...

I'm reading this series as well, except I'm waiting to read Green until the end. Apparently reading Showdown, Saint, Sinner and the entire Lost Books series before Green helps make sense of it all. Idk...that's Ted Dekker for you.

But I totally know what you mean by loving the Great Romance. It really did show me a lot about God and his love for us. Just everything in the Circle series showed me more about my Lord. Me and my friend are still telling people that we're part of the circle. lol! This series was amazing!

And, I suppse I did have a little crush on Thomas of Hunter as well...;) tehe!