Monday, August 24, 2009 have to start somewhere...

I saw this neat writing exercise over HERE and thought...Oh, fun!!!  And, since I'm a fun girl, I had to join in...clearly!

While the hype about first lines is way over rated I don't think that the 1st line is a total make it or break it...I do think it's important to have it well-thought-out.  I've always loved writing the first lines to my manuscripts (I won't go into detail about how many line my dusty shelves).  {clears throat}

I digress...though the special first chair spot is so temporary and it's just a space keeper waiting to be booted out by better wording, thoughts, and typically something vastly different from where it started.  When you first fill that beautiful thick parchment paper with your flowery calligraphy, ahem, I mean when you have your fingers paralyzed at ASDF JKL; ... suddenly the right words will come.  Not without being forced, man-handled, chocolate eating, and, let's be honest, a little rocking back and forth that may or may not include banging your head on the edge of your desk...for better or worse mostly worse they will be written.

So, here are 10 first rewriting, editing and no not really too much thinking...

1-For most of my life I was considered the girl next door.
2-My mouth went dry when I looked down and realized that my husband was divorcing me.
3-I think I actually remember my first cry in the doctor's arms.
4-Where were you when your parents fell in love; I was sleeping in the bedroom next door.
5-The drive too forever this time, not just because of the icy roads but also because the book I was reading was so boring.
6-Lincoln grabbed at his wrist when he realized he couldn't stop the bleeding.
7-Military decorum meant everything to Raphael but now he was being dishonorably discharged.
8-Malinda heart pounded as she swung around in circles looking for Jayden, who had been swallowed up in the crowded sidewalk.
9-The last thing Joy remembered was the ribbon hitting her chest as she ran through the finish line.
10-Lola looked up and saw the doctor from across the hall. 

Okay, that's a lot harder than I originally thought.  Really, you should try it!  Maybe it should be a regular on Mondays.  The "work" week has to start does a novel...



Genny said...

I loved this! Your number 1, 8, and 10 intrigued me the most.

Hope you are doing well!

Jeannie Campbell, LMFT said...

i think you should do a post like this every week! have a mini-contest every week for the best first line. First-line Fridays or something? i love knowing people do stuff like this on blogs....i do. :)

Angela Breidenbach said...

I agree, I like the idea of this as a regular post. Great idea! And if you would like to trade links, I'm


Victoria L. Thurman said...

I really like #4. :)
I think I'll try this exercise.
Love, QV