Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Writers are cool...

I'm so in love with the fact that when I go to writing group I not only get to be around really cool and great writers...but also sisters and brothers in Christ!

Last night 3 of us ladies went out to a nearby coffee shop and had such a wonderful time in conversation about writing, church, politics, family...just so many different things. We laughed...I almost cried...and we laughed some more. Not because I almost cried but because Allison & Brenda are really funny!

Christian Writing so very much transcends just "writing". The whole rest of the writing and publication world just can't hold a candle to knowing that not only are we writing about the Message of Christ but we get to link arms with other amazing men and women out there with the same goal in mind.

Life. Long. Friends.

Eternal, actually...

I am so thankful that God called me into Christian Fiction.