Monday, February 27, 2012

NewsTalk Radio with Sean Moncreiff

I am going to be on the radio...IN IRELAND!!!!

Unfortunately, it's not in person...but I'm thrilled to be interviewed by Sean Moncreiff over the phone on NewsTalk Radio.

Feb 27th, Monday (that's today), Central time 10a!

Here's the link:

Description of Moncreiff's show from NewsTalk Site:

Moncreiff is a lively mix of phone-ins, 
insightful text messages 
and stories from around the world 
and down your street.

I'm amazed to have the opportunity to talk to such a successful radio host from around the world about my Amish book Seasons. I've also learned that there are Amish in Ireland. Not only is that intriguing, but it makes me want to visit Ireland even more than ever!

Hope you tune in!


PS: This post is taking the place of my typical Tuesday post.