Thursday, January 19, 2012

Must Reads for 2012!

So...I'm gonna make this one simple for you all! Here are some blogs that you MUST read, follow, & share!

Bloggers I can't live without:
Michael Hyatt, Chairman of Thomas Nelson, blogs about all things from publishing to leadership to techy computer stuff.
Chip MacGregor, Literary Agent Extraordinaire, focusing on marketing & branding.
Rachelle Gardner, Literary Agent Extraordinaire also, blogs about writing/publishing nitty-gritties.
Raquel Martina Martinez, Writer and amazing blogger...the wittiest blog I read. I love Mondays because of Raquel.

My Go-To Authors:
Allison Pittman
Nicholas Sparks
Lynn Austin
Tricia Goyer
Siri Mitchell
Ted Dekker

New Authors with MUST READ Debut Books:
Victoria Thurman
The Dack Brothers (Christopher & Michael Dack)

Homeschooling Mom-stars:
Confessions of a Homeschooler, fantastic mom who has an amazing affordable curriculum
Raising Rock Stars, a new to me blog & I'm loving it! Awesome mom...awesome homeschooling ideas!

And I'll just end here &'re welcome.

Your turn: What sites do you recommend & why?



Raquel Martina Martinez said...

What a nice compliment to be included in such a prestigious list. Thank you. But we need to tell your readers, I studied your blog page when I fashioned mine. I love to read Allison Pittman, James Scott Bell, and Steven James' blog pages. I also like Author Media for some great tips on branding and blogging. It goes without saying that I read yours, because - here I am!

Anonymous said...

QE! Thank you so much for including me in these lists! I didn't know and I am so happy. :)
Thank you! QV