Thursday, October 20, 2011

Will there be a Sequel to Seasons

One of the photos taken
when working on the cover.
The most frequent question I have gotten in the last 2 months a sequel to Seasons in the works. My dear readers appropriately call it "Summer".

I am going to answer that question here.

The short answer is: No, there is no book 2 in the works.

The longer answer is No and here's why...

The story of Seasons has a lot of tension, conflict, tragedy, and everything a story is built around. But, Liddy is very young, this is her Spring season, and at the conclusion is when she's a young wife, heading into her own season of summer.

This tension & conflict at her age is mostly coming because of external reasons. Poverty. The Great Depression. Tragic family loss. We learn about her internal struggles throughout this and the faith that keeps her going. It truly is a beautiful story of God's faithfulness in her life.

My Amazing Grandma Lydia Lee Coblentz
You can probably consider your own "spring" and see how that works. There are things that happen to children...makes for very good fiction & nonfiction.

But now, move ahead to your summer and autumn seasons of your life. Often times the conflict and struggles that we find are from within. Deep. Intimate. Personal.

You can't just take out all the struggle, conflict, and tension in a story and then just keep the thread of happy-go-lucky stories...that's just not really how it works.

I am not saying this because my grandma had this awful life after her spring...but that to respect her privacy and the privacy of the Amish church...this is a story that I will forgo. Grandma agrees.

That is not to say that there may be some place for her "chronicles" with lovable stories or even a few tense situations that would be interesting to write for a different type of venue...but likely not in a published book in the style of Seasons.

I hope that answers the question. ;-)

YOUR TURN: What would your platform be if you or someone wrote a story about your childhood? Would it be about God's goodness or safety? Would it be more topical like overcoming a disease or a relationship with a parent? I'd love to hear from you!


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Jennifer said...

I'm glad you posted this. I was wondering if you would be writing another book about your family. The personal side was a worry I had. Your daughters could write your parents story, but for you it's to close. That's okay though because you did an awesome job on your Grandma's story. I found myself wanting to cry every time another child was born, wanting to give her a new coat, shoes and clothes; not to mention give her some food. I rejoiced when her summer began.