Thursday, April 7, 2011

Backs on the Front Cover

At a local store recently I noticed something common among several of the books on a prominent book rack. Do you see it? What is the common thread?
The backs of women! 

I found this very interesting as I am working on the cover design for my first publication Seasons (coming out this fall). I personally love this trend. I'd rather be able to imagine the characters faces anyway. I love an obscure cover, don't you?

I do have a few pet peeves with covers though too. It bothers me when the cover shows a picture of the main character that is contrary to how they are described in the book. Or when they are just too busy, just trying too hard, ya know?

What are some of your favorite covers? What do you love or hate to see?



jody said...

I love the use of classic art on a cover as long as it relates to the book. Original art created for a book is great too, my favorite authors Preston and Child have a lot of cool artwork on their covers and I love the covers from the Harry Potter series. I know what you mean about pics that don't look like the character's description...I dislike even more when it is made into a movie or tv show and the characters are completely different and the screenwriters think they can improve on the plot.

OHmommy said...

I do love to imagine character's faces on my own - which makes watching movies of books so bad.

MiscMayzee said...

I dislike the covers that feature images contrary to the book's description also. It's too obvious that there was no in-depth communication or back and forth during the design process.

I also don't particularly like it when I can look at a piece of cover art and see such a striking resemblance to a celebrity in the illustration that it is evident there is no coincidence.

I know I've seen Lauren Conrad, Blake Lively and Katie Holmes on book cover illustrations (and more but those were vivid!).