Monday, April 12, 2010

Book Review: Sworn to Protect

Wow! What a read! I haven’t always been a reader who gravitates to the more action-packed type of story line but this book truly impacted me. I wasn’t sure what I would get in reading this suspense novel …but since I’ve never known DiAnn Mills to fail I picked it up expecting an adventure. Not only was I very satisfied but I can’t wait for to add the 3rd novel in the Call of Duty series to my Mills collection.

SWORN TO PROTECT is more realistic than I expected. Mills takes you to the heart of the Texas and Mexico border and forces the reader to confront one of the greatest debates of our time: illegal immigration. While as a Christian I have always thought myself to be a sympathetic and compassionate person, this book challenged me in ways I did not anticipate. I saw a perspective I hadn’t considered before and realized what changes my heart needed.

The story surrounds a widowed Border Patrol agent, Danika, who desperately wants to learn the truth behind her husband’s death and perhaps understand better his controversial perspective on immigration. While she remains loyal to her husband’s memory you can see the internal battle that she fights between frustrations over losing him and moving on, giving her daughter a chance at a father. But she is in the middle of fighting for her very life and her daughter’s safety and hardly has time for romance…or so she thinks. Besides, can she even trust the good doctor, who seems to care for her, when even he might be part of an illegal immigration & crime conspiracy?

Read this book and you will not only experience an adventure but you’ll learn about yourself. As I read about the Morales family and the struggles they faced my heart ached and I thought to myself I need to pray for this family before I remembered they were fictional. While that is true, this is a fictional story with fictional families, I learned that it was a very accurate picture of what families today are dealing with. Mills brought that to my attention more than I expected.

This isn’t a book filled with political opinions and a self-absorbed perspective…but you will be forced to face your own judgments regarding these compelling situations and you won’t be able to help but ask yourself Hm, what would I do if this happened to me?

Read this book.

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Karin said...

Thanks for the great review. I've never read DiAnn Mills before, but this really sounds intriguing!