Friday, August 21, 2009

Stealing Home: Book Signing

What a book!  If you haven't read this should!

You can buy it HERE and HERE and HERE!  And a lot of other places!

I read this almost immediately after it came out and it was the 4th book of Allison Pittman's that I read.  I loved her historical Crossroads series and was a little afraid I wouldn't like this one as it was a deviation from what she'd done in the past.  BUT...I can honestly say...I LOVED IT! 

The writing was beautiful!  The characters were well-rounded and so well-written.  Allison has quickly become a favorite of mine as a writer learning the craft and as a reader who is in puffy-heart-love with historicals...even though I write contemporary.

Allison has a book signing TOMORROW!  I am really looking forward to it...even though my book is already signed.  Allison is as good a friend and mentor as she is a writer.  She is sweet, loyal, and honest!  She will help brainstorm...give great advice...and has a terrific laugh that is contagious.

HERE is the Facebook link to her signing.

If that doesn't's the info:

Saturday, August 22, 2009
Lifeway Christian Store (The Rim)
17802 La Cantera Pkwy, Suite 115

If you're not in the San Antonio area...go buy the book anyway.  You'll love it!

by Elizabeth


Jeannie Campbell, LMFT said...

it looks great, elizabeth! i think minima is the best template, personally. :) good luck with your blog...i'll be your first follower! :)

Karin said...

Congrats on taking the plunge :)

Betsy St. Amant said...

Cute blog! I just added to my blog's list on my page =) I too loved this story by Allison!