Thursday, August 27, 2009

Before and After...

You know how life TOTALLY changes when you become a parent.  Even your writing changes.  No, does. 

Don't believe me?  Watch...

Sarah relaxed in the bath with a good book.  She nearly dropped it in the water when she fell asleep in the calming scent of lavender.

Sarah hadn't showered in four days and finally when she had 3 1/2 minutes to herself she turned on the shower only to realize that her sweet boy, Mark, had thrown her new Betsy St. Amant book in the tub. 


The scent of balsamic vinegar wafted through the air as Melanie flipped through her Style magazine, leaning over the island in the kitchen.  She peeked over and noticed that the water was a nice rolling boil and swiftly  added the basmati rice.  Her husband walked in with a dozen roses and kissed her soundly.

The scent of vinegar and urine stung Melanie's nose as she sprayed Lysol behind her with one hand and threw in the 5 minute rice away that she'd burned because she hadn't removed it from the burner.  But on her way to the trash she slipped on the soiled undies that she'd forgotten to pick up.  Just then her husband walks in with a dozen kids hanging off of him, giving kisses all around.


She crawled into bed and made sure her alarm would not sound off in the morning.  She loved Friday nights with a Saturday free to sleep in.

She crawled into bed after two in the morning completely drained of any energy after having a toddler with croup.  It seemed she fell asleep for only about seven minutes when she heard the barky cough hacking through the monitor.  In her sleep even the tired mom was up and rushing to the bedside of her two-year-old.  She gave her a drink and the mixture of honey, apple juice, and lemon juice that had been helping then gathered her curly-topped little girl in her arms and brought her to the master bedroom.  Though comfortably curled up the family still didn't sleep like babies, but at least they were together.  No matter the lack of sleep, Elizabeth loved being Mommy.


Yeah, writing does change.  Life changes.  FOR THE BETTER.

Boy, do I ever love being a mama to my sweet Curly-Q!  She really does bring out the best in me.

What's your BEFORE and AFTER?  Share!!!



Victoria L. Thurman said...

I love this-- b/c I am the before (minus the husband bearing roses and kisses.)But all my friends are the after, so I can laugh at the difference. :)

Betsy St. Amant said...

This is so true!!! LOL Saturday mornings are no different than any other weekday anymore in regards to sleep. I'm blessed, Little Miss has only been sick once so far and she's 13 months! What a miracle. I've dealt with throw-up ONE time. ONE. I'm thanking God regularly for that one. lol

Thanks for the book shout out in example one =)